About Outbox

Outbox provides users with a flexible platform to upload, describe, organize and share documents for administrative purposes.

Currently, the tool is used by the Max Planck Digital Library to share raw usage statistics as provided by various vendors and further material like APC reports with the MPG library community. Please contact if you require access to this data.

Inquiries about the service should be addressed to .

Outbox uses the imeji software - an open source development.


How to start?

First login and then check out the Outbox introduction in the "How To" collection.


01.01.2019: Changes regarding usage statistics. Implementation of COUNTER Release 5 begins.

03.11.2017: Exciting new features brought by Outbox update: Subscribe to collection and Faceted search

02.08.2017: Outbox updated to imeji version 4. The migration altered the metadata of all existing items and therefore set a new "Date modified" timestamp

10.02.2017: New imeji release introduces full text search to Outbox

06.12.2016: New reports and revised overview of all available and unavailable usage statistics reports in the "How To" collection

05.10.2016: Sharing the first batch of institute specific APC reports (BioMed Central 2015, PLoS 2015, ScienceOpen 2015 and Springer Compact 2015-2016)

09.03.2016: Outbox release. The initial set of shared files include the 2013-2015 usage statistics from the providers Elsevier, Springer and Wiley